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Oct 2, 2011 9:30am EDT
for joining us for a look at business and finance here i in the washington region. we will take a look at the future of tysons corner. and a new contender in the daily coupon sector. we will talk to the founder of a booming business who says she is improving lives one bra at a time. first, the business of food. d.c. mig be next big food city. with me today, three up-and- coming entrepreneurs. steuart martens -- his wine company landed him a spot on "the apprentice." winston lord made his name by bubuilding networks. and mina ebrahimi is the president of saint germain catering. welce, all. thanks for joining us. you are one of the busiest guys i know. you got this company that imports spani wines. you e always out at different events meeting with different restaurants and doing different things. you are busy with public appearances after "the apprentice." what made you crazy enough to launch something as big asaste of d.c.? >> for may, it does spend an institution in this city that has been missing since 2003. i had the opportunity to take it. one day i got passionate about it. >> you h
Oct 30, 2011 9:30am EDT
you for joining us for a look at business and finance issues in the washington region. you have heard the s saying you are not committed until you have skin in the game. that is not news to our first guest. known as the woman who makes the rich and powerful looook gd, s has used her know how to buil a busineness. she is t foundnding direcector of the dmatollogy center and is launching a of her home. team all-star joins us today to talk about how one youngng dermatologist it is -- team all- star joins us to talk about howow one young dermatologist became well-kno in the waington area. if politicians are looking here eve maybe they cameo see you. tell us your background. >> when i started the washington institute of dermatologigic laser surgeryt was the first free standing of such a nature in the world. >> it was the first freestanding lar center in the world. even before that you're a a young deatolist. how did you grow into the p personn that could s starthe first center in the wor? >> i am originally from shington, d.c.. i'm one of those rare commodities. i grew up in n the burbs.s.
Oct 9, 2011 9:30am EDT
correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thank you for joining us for looking business and finance issues in e washington region. first, a look at ways to tackle the unemployment problem that plagues ththe u.s. economy. while the washington area is better than the rest of the country, the city of washington dodoes not fare better. ththe district is a tale of two cities. there are places like ward 3 and then towardward 8 which is reported to have the highest umployment rate in the nation by bloomberg. sam ford tells us about a new program to focus hiring employed residents. >> ross is hiring dozens of d.c. workers. mayor gray was so anxious for people to know he held his biweekly news conference in front of the store to welcome them to town and here and from employeeees. >> i was unemployed for a year.r. i was thankful. >> with the d.c. unemployed rate at 11.1% -- >> we have no problem staff in it. i am excited >> the ross folks were intent on makiking itt d.c.-friendly a and asked the d.c. department to find workers. ththis mother of seven have not worked in four years. >> drove past it, and
Oct 16, 2011 9:30am EDT
. >> thanks for joining us for a look at business and finance issues here in the washington region. last week, we spent some time with d.c. mayor vincent gray discussing jobs and the relationship with the business community. this week, we are talking to the chief financial officer natwarr gandhi. thanks for joining us. >>hank you for inviting me. >> what wou you say the statate of the d.c. economy -- how healths the district's government rigight now? >> when you compare it to any other jor metropolitan area, thcity is doing better than any one of them.m. two, like everywhere else, we are seeing in packs from the recession. 2011 the year that we have just finished, the fiscal year, we have done very well. 201212 and 2013, the problems are primarily because of the recession and because of the federal government. of the federal government isn't retren -- the federal government is retrehing. that will have an impact on us. we have a lot of federal workers, benefit from federal spending. just like maryland and virginia, we will have some impact there. >> the district has instituted several new rev
Oct 23, 2011 9:30am EDT
for joining us for a look at business and finance sues here in the washington region. 35 yeaears ago and anchormen urged americans to open their windows and shout as they were mad as hell and not going to ke it anymore. it seems we are facing a similar sentiment today with t anger we have been hearing from the occupy wall street t movement. it has morphed into worldwide movement. demonstrators turning out an camping out. our first guest, michael farr makes his living in the financial industry but things occupipiers might have a point. he is the author of "the arrogance cycle." michael farr thank you for joining us on "washington business rert." you do not look like the guys camping out at the park. >> i have not had a tent out with the protesters, but i talked with them downtown in washingt. i think these protests here are ve similar and are sending similar messages and reacting to similar things as the tea party movement. people are unhappy with what is happening on wall street. a lot of pepeople are left without chairs when theusic stops. >> is fair to s say that you have made a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5